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We have a massive range of copiers across Sydney, with pride and experience we are dedicated to giving your business service that is of the highest quality across the world. We do not tie our clients in tricky leases but instead provide a straightforward, honest solution for your business that is viable and reduces the cost for your organization.

Our pay per page rate is the best across Sydney Australia from as low as 6 cents for the color we will not be beaten on costs.

We supply everything from Kyocera, Fuji, Konica, HP and all the big name brands. Our deals will shock even the most seasoned office manage with our cost reduction and have you wishing you met us years ago.


Our desktop printers are the pride of our business we do mainly lease deals on this equipment and charge anywhere from seven cents a page to ten cents per page. Our systems are fair honest and reliable we only use high-quality, reputable devices that have been rigorously tested. If you would like a fantastic digital 3D printer, we are proud to announce we also stock this new range.

Sydney Photocopying

Our Sydney office has all the display models in the world waiting for your viewing. No longer do you have to purchase a device you can’t see you can now buy directly from our showroom and save a fortune. Our color devices have been the talk of the town, and now we have increased our range from 80 devices to 120 to give you the ultimate consumer choice when it comes to copier needs.

From humble beginnings our services are fantastic and we know how to get the job done. We do not waste your time when trying to sell you a photocopier we give an honest no BS assessment and let you choose the copier that will best fit your office in Sydney.